Announcing The PCHLUG 101 Challenge!

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One of the objectives of PCHLUG is to encourage creative building. That is why we are going to start what we hope is a semi-regular contest, the PCHLUG 101 Challenge! The premise is simple, build to the named theme with a limit of 101 pieces. Sounds simple enough huh? Well, you’ll be surprised how quickly you go through those pieces. Why 101? US Highway 101 makes up a large part of the Pacific Coast Highway (aren’t we clever?).

The challenges will run for one month. Entry is simple, just visit the official Flickr link below and add a photo of your creation to the group. Our first challenge will run the month of February 2011. The theme this month is California Dreamin’. What comes to mind when you think of the golden state? Surfing? Cruisin’ Malibu? Hollywood? Wine country? Bring your creation to life and enter!

Prizes? Of course there will be prizes, what’s a contest without them?

First Place: A one year subscription to BrickJournal! The ultimate resource for LEGO fans!

Second Place: LEGO #8017 Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter

Third Place: LEGO #7746 Single-Drum Roller

We’re very excited to have BrickJournal as an official sponsor of the 101 Challenge. Special thanks to Joe Meno and John Morrow. This month’s LEGO set prizes donated by PCHLUG founder Tommy Williamson.

February’s official Flickr group for the PCHLUG 101 Challenge can be found here

The Rules:

  • Contest runs 12:00 am PST on the first day of the month, ending at 11:59 pm PST on the last day of the month.
  • Enter as many times as you like.
  • Please submit no more than two photos of your MOC (a single photo is preferred).
  • No age restrictions (but if you’re under 18, ask your parents).
  • No virtual building (LCAD, LDD), if you want to enter, get out your bricks.
  • 101 pieces is the maximum, there is no minimum.
  • We count pieces like LEGO counts pieces, for instance an upper torso with arms and hands is one piece. However, if you remove hands and use them, they become individual pieces.
  • There are no scale or size restrictions, build as big or small as you want.
  • No previously posted MOCs, only creations specifically built for the contest are allowed.
  • Entries will be judged by members of PCHLUG.
  • Members of PCHLUG may contribute, but may not win.
  • Only residents of the continental US are eligible to win (sorry, shipping LEGO internationally is expensive).
  • Only unmodified LEGO brand elements may be used (tubing and string may be cut).
  • Submissions are to be added to the official Flickr group for consideration.
  • Discussions will be a separate Flickr group.
  • Obviously it will be impossible for us to truly count all the pieces of your submission, it is going to be based on faith. We’re trusting you to be honest in your count.
  • Winners will be posted on the PCHLUG website as well as Flickr.

*Rules are subject to modification

If you have any questions or comments about the challenge please drop us a line at

If you want an image to promote this contest, please use this banner

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